Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rules for Using a Free Movie Script in your Video

Would you like to use a free script for your video? Here are the rules

You may use "freemoviescripts" for your videos and post them to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

I just ask the following:

Please do NOT repost the text of the script online.

All online descriptions of the project MUST begin with "From a script by D. M. Larson"

The website and the author (D. M. Larson) must also be mentioned in the credits.

Please provide a link to the video or audio by email to

You must agree to let "freemoviescripts" use your video or audio for the website, blog and/or YouTube channel.

The script may be used for free for a NOT-FOR-PROFIT project.

If it is a "For Profit" project:

If you monetize the video in any way (online ads, creating a dvd, etc.) and profit from the video, you must pay the following royalties:

$10 for every million views ($20 for 2 million views, $30 for 3 million, etc.)

5% or $1 per $20 made on any sales made from offline media products (DVD, etc.)

Please email that you agree to the above requirements

And then have fun making your video!

Find free scripts for your videos at

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