Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Mothinator" short funny animation script (3 actors)

Here is a fun script I wrote for my wife because she doesn't like moths. It would work well for a short animated movie.

by D. M. Larson
for three actors

VOICE OVER When pure evil preys on your fears...
A woman cowers in the darkness. She is rolled in to a fetal position and points a shaky hand toward the light.

WOMAN Save me.

Dramatic music. Cut to the light. Evil looking moths flutter around the light.

VOICE OVER You can call the Mothinator!

A warrior type guy with a flame thrower appears.


The moths hiss is fear/anger.

MOTHINATOR (CONT.) Let's see you flap your fuzzy wings in flames!

Mothinator shoots flame thrower.

MOTHINATOR (CONT.) Can you fly in fire?!

Evil moths sizzle and pop and burst in to flames. Woman runs to Mothinator and embraces him. View widens and we see her house on fire.

MOTHINATOR (CONT.) Uh... sorry about your house.

WOMAN As long as we rid the world of that evil scourge... I'm happy.

MOTHINATOR I hope you had home owners insurance.

VOICE OVER Another job well done by... The Mothinator!



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